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What's Happening

Announcing the Library’s Strategic Plan

Last fall and winter, our Library asked for feedback on library programs and services as Library Director Heather Backman and staff planned for the future. Thank you to the many people who shared their thoughts! The Library heard you – and used your valuable input to create a new plan to guide the library’s work for the next five years.

You can read the Hopkinton Public Library FY2022-27 Strategic Plan here!

This plan identifies five priority areas that the Library will work within to achieve its mission to “inspire exploration, discovery, and engagement as we enrich and strengthen the social network of our diverse community.”

Those priority areas are:

  • Connecting our community
  • Providing access to education, arts, culture, and knowledge
  • Creating an inclusive, welcoming, and safe environment for all
  • Striving to deliver an exceptional, customer-focused user experience
  • Stewarding and obtaining resources to accomplish strategic priorities

Library staff are hard at work making plans for what they will do in FY22 to serve the community in accordance with each of these priority areas. The Library will share detailed information on its FY22 Action Plan later this spring and will continue to create and share annual Action Plans, as well as updates on progress in meeting goals.

If you would like to hear more about the new Strategic Plan, Library Director Heather Backman will give a public presentation on Wednesday, April 21 at 6:30 pm (see the library’s event calendar to register to receive a Zoom link). The Director is also available to speak directly to community groups about the Strategic Plan upon request.

HPLF Purchases 3D Printer for Our Library

Keeping with our mission of improving Hopkinton Library, HPLF purchased a 3D printer for patrons to use at the Library. While the Library was closed, Hopkinton High’s The Shield Team used the 3D printer for 310 hours to make 121 face shields. These shields were given to the Medical Reserve Corps, as well as to Hopkinton Police, Fire, and Board of Health. Thank you Mr. Scott and student volunteers!

Roddey Dowd Raises $14,680 for the Library!

Roddey Dowd raised $14,680 in his 2020 Boston Marathon effort for Hopkinton Public Library! We are so appreciative of his fundraising, especially this year, and thankful to those who gave to his marathon run for our Library!