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What's Happening

HPLF to Provide $10,000 to Launch a “Library of Things”

Since its inception ten years ago, Hopkinton Public Library Foundation has contributed $1 million toward the cost of the Library renovation and expansion. In honor of its 10-year anniversary of supporting our Library, the Foundation is committing $10,000 to launch a “Library of Things” at Hopkinton Public Library.

Wildly popular at libraries across the nation, a “Library of Things” expands the boundaries of traditionally defined library materials to include physical items such as technology, instruments, equipment, games and other objects for loan to the community. A natural expansion of the Library’s existing lending model, this new collection will offer patrons the opportunity to explore, play and learn from the “Library of Things” catalogue or to try items before you buy them.

By funding a “Library of Things,” Hopkinton Public Library Foundation aims to provide the physical tools needed to support lifelong learning and creativity, and provide new ways for kids and adults to interact and explore. As such, the collection will greatly enhance the Library’s mission to “inspire exploration, discovery and engagement” in our community.

Library staff are eagerly planning the initial offerings available in our “Library of Things.” If you have an idea for an item to include in this new collection, please reach out to Library Director Nanci Hill at  nhill@hopkintonma.gov or keep an eye out for a community survey about what you would like to see included in the “Library of Things.”

Roddey Dowd Runs 3 Hours and 1 Minute and Raises $5,000 at the 2021 Boston Marathon for the Library!

Roddey Dowd ran an impressive 3:01 and raised $5,000 for the Hopkinton Public Library in the 2021 Boston Marathon on Monday, October 11! Last year, Roddey raised $14,680 in his 2020 Boston Marathon effort for our Library (without even stepping foot on the course)! We are so appreciative of his fundraising and thankful to those who gave to his marathon run for our Library!

To contribute to his 2021 marathon effort, please visit here!

Sean Thapa Builds Storywalk for the Library!

Over the summer, Eagle Scout Sean Thapa constructed and installed 17 kiosks to hold pages of a book for the Library’s new Storywalk!  This outdoor space will host books for children to enjoy as a walk along the rear of the Library (to the right of the parking lot).  HPLF was thrilled to sponsor this project in conjunction with the Friends of the Library. The current featured story is Snowmen at Night.  Please visit the Library to see Sean’s amazing work and take a Storywalk!